A single unit?

We have much to learn from our parents regarding our heritage, to be proud of our past. This heritage and history brings a sense of belonging.  Most importantly, it brings us a sense of identity of our past and the responsibility to protect it for our future generations.


I wonder why the author used a singular verb (brings). Does he consider "heritage and history" together a single unit? I would use a plural verb here. (bring).

Source: English Course Books taught in Iran


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Hello, Freeguy,

This heritage and history brings a sense of belonging.

Note that the demonstrative determiner "this" is used only once, which shows that it is "shared" by both nouns, heritage and history.

This kind of structure, usually consisting of only one article or determiner followed by more than one noun, is used when the different nouns involved form and are treated as a unit, thus taking a singular verb.

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