Hi there, What the difference between and any in the following sentence? Are they both grammatical in the following sentence? 

  • Yesterday I went to a village that was so uninhabited. After a mile of walking I did not find a house/any house(s) in that area.

What's difference do a house and any houses make in the sentence? And can I use any house instead of any houses in the sentence?

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Hi, Subhajit,

I believe the questions of this sort, coming mostly from you, have already been answered in detail. I suggest you go over your earlier posts. You are stuck with 'a', 'any', and 'the', while you neglect other areas. I see many a problem with your post.

You should read more than you currently do, and soon half your questions would be answered by the exercise.

You can discard my advice, but that won't be advisable.


PS: Last year in October (give or take a week or two) , a post by Navi pertaining to the same problem was answered in much detail. It was about pen(s) rather than house(s). You should check that one out.

PS': If you are able to find that post, and understand that post, then I am sure you would learn two great lessons: one in grammar, another in logic. 

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