Hello, Freeguy,

Is this sentence natural?

- The company transports the products by the best vans in the market.

I don't like the preposition "by," because it seems to be introducing an agent when the sentence is in the active and therefore has a subject that performs the action. I'd use "by means of" (also "by using") or the causative "have" or "get." Also, we generally say "on the market," not "in the market."

  • The company transports the products by means of/by using the best vans on the market.
  • The company has / gets the products transported by the best vans on the market.

The causative "have" or "get" contains an implicit passive, and that is what renders "by" possible in the active sentence above:

- The company gets the products to be transported by the best vans on the market.

I would say: The products are transported by the best vans on the market.

Yes, that passive is correct.

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