Please help me know the difference between these words by answering these questions and telling me why the wrong choices aren't suitable.


1) I don't like ............. of the shirts.

1- neither   2- either  3- all   4- every


2) We looked at two hotels on the internet and ............ of them would be great for a holiday.

1- every   2- either   3- all   4- each


3) My sister bought two new skirts and ........... of them are long and green.

1- all   2- either   3- neither   4- both


4) The film was very boring and .......... of the people left before the end.

1- all   2- whole   3- half   4- both


5) Would you rather have fish or meat?

I like........... but I usually have chicken.

1- both   2- neither   3- either   4- every


6) Oh, no! I have got  blisters on ........ of my feet now. I should never have worn these shoes.

1- all   2- two   3- each   4- both


7) We have seen different suitcases and ........ of them will fit inside the aeroplane. Just choose one!

1- both   2- either   3- neither   4- all


8) My aunt gave ......... one of us a present.

1- both   2- neither   3- all   4- every



Thanks in advance. If it's not much trouble, let me know why the wrong choices are wrong.

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Wow!  Eight multiple choice questions.  It sounds like you want us to do your whole lesson for you.

I'm here to help, and I want to help, but I really think that the best thing here is for you to at least attempt an answer to each question, and explain why you chose it.  Then one of us can go through and, essentially "grade" your answers.  If you get any wrong, or if you choose a right answer but for the wrong reasons, we can then help you understand what was wrong with your thinking.  And if you get them all right, and for the right reasons, so much the better!

Trust me, you'll learn better this way.  Plus, you'll save us a lot of work.


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