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Hello, Ahmed Osman,

@Ahmed Osman posted:

We don’t have school on Sundays and Mondays.

I think the sentence above is correct. "Sundays and Mondays" is like a unit — the days of the week when the speaker doesn't go to school.

The conjunction "or" would sound more emphatic, as if considering both days individually: We don't have school on Sundays, and we also don't have school on Mondays.

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I agree with Gustavo's answer and would simply like to add that, if the version with "and" is used, "and" should not be emphasized. "We don't have school on Sundays and Mondays" sounds like a riddle. It means that it is not the case that the referents of "we" have school on both of those days, leaving open both the possibility that they have school on Sunday (but not on Monday) and the possibility that they have school on Monday (but not on Sunday).

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