1) Anything related to Phoebe Waller Bridge is amazing.

Is the sentence written above correct and can we use the word anything in that context? Or do we need to use everything instead of anything there.

2) Everything related to Phoebe Waller Bridge is amazing.

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Thank you Doc V for the answer. I am sorry I didn't mention the exact context in which I was hoping to use one of the sentences. Phoebe Waller Bridge is an English actress who is very popular for her role in a show called "Fleabag". Now, the situation is that some people were talking about and praising an another show, "Killing Eve", of which Phoebe happens to be the writer. Not many people know that she is the writer of this other show since she doesn't act in it. Therefore I don't think the sentence "Everything about Phoebe Waller Bridge is amazing" is apt here since people are not even talking about her. I think it would've worked if people were already talking about her and then I said that. I hope it is coherent. Could you please suggest any other sentence or would the sentence "anything..." work in this context now that you know the whole situation?

Shivam Raj,

You've probably never heard of Amy Spencer since she hasn't become famous yet.  She is a genius in many ways.  She is a visual artist, a musician, a writer, and a fabulous chef, and she has lived some years in Japan teaching English.  Everything about her is amazing, but she remains a great unknown.

More people are probably talking about Miss Waller-Bridge, the writer, producer, actress, etc, etc.  From even the little I know about her, Everything about her is amazing.

I would not substitute "anything".  A problem that celebrities run into is that every little detail of their personal lives becomes an object of fascination for the public.

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