I've heard people especially young (uneducated?) people use the word "anyways" when  they probably mean "anyway".

Is there such an English word as "anyways"?

It bothers me so much that I looked at BYU  corpus and there are a lot of examples.

Is it now accepted to use it in an informal conversation?



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apple posted:
Is there such an English word as "anyways"?

Hi, Apple,

Yes, there is. If you meet with a word a lot, there's a good chance it exists. Below are links to half a dozen dictionary entries for "anyways." They categorize the word variously as colloquial, dialectal, regional (North American), or nonstandard. Many prescriptivists would agree with you that it ought not to exist.


It mainly occurs in spoken English by people who don't know better, but I wouldn't be surprised if the current President of the United States used it in Tweets. The other day he Tweeted about "the Prince of Whales," apparently not realizing that "whales" refers to marine mammals, not to the country of Wales.

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