Dear Rachel ,

Would you please tell me your opinion about the
following sentences ?

1- He wake up from sleeping .

** I think we should say " woke " , not " wake "
as the sentence is in the past tense or should
be so .

Also , What about the preposition " from " ?
Is it correct ?

2- Feeling tired, went to bed early

* I think this sentence is wrong too because
there is no subject before the verb " went " .

We should say for example " ... I went to bed
early" .

Waiting for your kind reply.
Thank you very much.

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1- He wake up from sleeping.

You are correct, Sayed. The verb should be in the past tense: woke.

However, "from sleeping" does not belong in the sentence. When you wake up, clearly you have been sleeping. So just say this: "He woke up."

2- Feeling tired, went to bed early

Yes, you are right again. This sentence is not correct. The verb "went" needs a subject. The subject could be I, you, he, John, she, Mom...anyone.

So, "Feeling tired, I went to bed early" is correct.


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