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Hi, Toaha,

This expression is well explained here:

β€” used in spoken phrases to say that something is not true, will not happen, etc.

Another example. Suppose somebody tells you:

"He's a selfish guy. Don't ask him a favor."

and you answer:

"As if I ever would!" (meaning: I'd never even dream of asking him a favor)

The meaning is similar (I never would), but I think they can be used differently. While as if I ever would is more usually employed to respond to somebody's remark, meaning "I would never do that" (as in the examples above), not that I ever would is typically used to say you would never do something you just mentioned yourself, so it's kind of rhetorical. Compare:

- You shouldn't date your secretary.
- As if I ever would (I'd never do that).

- I sometimes daydream I could date my secretary. Not that I ever would (By saying this I don't mean I'd actually ever do it) β€” it's just a fantasy.

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