Does "as of now" mean both "starting from now" and "up until now"? I used to think only "starting from now", but then I came across sentences like the following two examples that seem to suggest otherwise, and now I am not sure.

"As of December 31, 2108, the company had $12 billion in consolidated assets..."

"As of writing, the US government still requires companies to pay..."



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You are quite right that "as of now" can mean both "starting from now" and "up until now".

If your examples are actual quotations, please provide the sources.  If they are from actual news sources, they seem to be misquoted.

The first example cites a date of 2108, which hasn't occurred yet.

The second example is missing words.  It should be either "As of this writing ..." or "As of the time of this writing ... ".



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