I have made up the example below.

(1a) My best friend and his girlfriend will get married soon. I am planning to make something special for their wedding gift.

My non-native English speaking friends think I am using the wrong preposition. Their choice is given below.

(1b) ..... I am planning to make something special as their wedding gift.

Which preposition is correct? Thank you very much for all your time and help.


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Doc V posted:

I prefer (1a).  Even better, I would say:

1c: I am planning to make something special to give them as a wedding present.

I liked your revision, DocV. Ansonman's sentences seem to be skipping a step in the process between the speaker's making (preparing) something and the couple's receiving it. "to give them" fixes that perfectly.

I think these could work too:

1d: I am planning to make them something special for their wedding present.

1e: I am planning to make them something special as a wedding present.

which are not of course to be confused with:

1f: I am planning to make them a special wedding present. (where "make" means "give")

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