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Can you provide me some guidelines the best use of at the top and on the top.

Are the following sentences correct?

1. You can find your student ID at the top of page 1 of your handout.

2. If you see at the top right hand corner of your screen, you will see....

3. The difference between 6 and 9 is: 6 the round one is at the bottom, but 9 the round one is at the top

4. Mr Axelson is currently at the top of the ranking for the BWF

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Hello, Tony—"At" works well in all those sentences. Although "on" could be used as a substitute for "at" in (1) and (2), I prefer "at." I don't know what (3) is supposed to mean, so I can't comment on it. "On" does not work as a substitute for "at" in (4).

To generalize, "on the top" is generally used when something is (physically) on the top surface of something else: on (the) top of the hill, on (the) top of the box, etc. "At the top" is used when something is being located, generally in a fixed, stationary manner, as being at the top of something, physical or not.

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