I have written two sets of examples below. I made up the A version and my non-native English speaking friends did the B version as a revision.

(1a) May is currently studying in university.

(1b) May is currently studying at university.

(2a) Jack met his wife when they were in university.

(2b) Jack met his wife when they were at university.

My friends seem to like "at" more than "in". Please give me your opinion. Thanks a lot.

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Hi, Ansonman—In American English, an article is used before "university," so all your sentences sound strange to me because of that. (In American English, we say "in/at college" but "in/at a/the university.")

However, in British English, the article-free usage of "university" is normal. Whether "university" is preceded by an article or not, I prefer the sentences with "at," though the sentences with "in" are not grammatically incorrect.

From the Corpus of Contemporary American English (COCA):

studies at the university: 595
studies at university: 16
studies at a university: 4

studies in the university: 4
studies in a university: 0
studies in university: 0

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