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I think S2 is very natural and common, and that S3 is also acceptable, but I'm doubtful if I can use S1. I think it's strange, but someone says it's Ok even though it's uncommon, and Google shows me some sentences with this pattern. Is it acceptable?
S1. He is very confident to win the game.
S2. He is very confident of winning the game.
S3. He is very confident he will/can win the game.

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Sentences 2 and 3 are, as you say, correct. Sentence 3 has an optionally omitted relative word, "that." In addition, one can say "He is very confident about winning the game."

I had never heard or read the construction "confident to + verb," and was prepared to say that it's not English. It isn't in any of my grammar sources. When I looked on Google, however, I found, as you did, a considerable number of occurrences. Some of the postings look like the writing of non-native speakers, but most of them seem to be by native speakers. I was unaware of this usage, but who knows, maybe it will be acceptable in 50 years or even sooner.

You will see it, and maybe hear it, but it's not (yet) considered standard English.

Marilyn Martin

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