Dear Rachel ,

Would you please tell me whether the following
sentence is correct or not?
Please tell me why?

- Because eating too much you being fatty .

** It seems to me that " you being fatty " is
not correct and should be " You are fat " or
you " you are being fat " .

I hope for your kind opinion/ explanation .
Thank you very much.

Original Post
- Because eating too much you being fatty .

This sentence is not correct at all.

1) "Because eating too much" is wrong. Say, "Because of eating too much," or "Because you eat too much."

2) "You being" does not exist. You need a main verb. You could say, "You are too fat," "You are becoming too fat," "You are getting too fat."

3) Right. The adjective you want is "fat," not "fatty" to describe a person who is the opposite of "thin." "Fatty" has another meaning.


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