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Could you help me please? I'm really confused about how to differentiate between : booklet, pamphlet, brochure, leaflet.

I have looked them in many dictionaries as well as collocations dictionaries but in vain. For example, I cannot choose the correct word in the following sentence:

I have a (booklet, pamphlet, brochure, leaflet) for the exam. It contains a few pages.

Thank you. 

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Hello Ahmed

Booklet: a very thin book with a small number of pages and a paper cover, giving information about something.

pamphlet: a thin book with only  a few pages that gives information or an opinion about something.

brochure: a type of small magazine that contains pictures and information on a product or a company

leaflet: a piece of paper that gives you information or advertises something

I believe the answer to your question is 'booklet'.




Ahmed Imam Attia posted:

Could you help me please? I'm really confused about how to differentiate between : booklet, pamphlet, brochure, leaflet.

From the OED (Oxford English Dictionary):


booklet, n. 

 1. A small book; spec. (in later use) a small, thin book with paper covers, containing information about a particular subject.

1859   Sat. Rev. 19 Feb. 220/1   The infant booklet, deprecating rigid criticism and modestly pleading the advice of friends.
1885   Illustr. London News 19 Sept. 290/1   Booklets that we can carry in the pocket.
1943   National Geographic Mag. Dec. 775/1 (advt.)    Mail the coupon today for free illustrated booklet of interesting word origins.
1971   R. Brewer Approach to Print xi. 127   The printed sheets have to be cut to size, collated and, perhaps wire-stapled together to form the booklet.
2010   N.Y. Rev. Bks. 23 Dec. 61/2   Cook's brochures, booklets, and advisory guides.

 2. A packet in which panes of stamps are bound together between paper or cardboard covers, and which resembles a small, flimsy book in form.

1900   Daily Herald (Delphos, Ohio) 30 Apr.   The new postage stamp booklets have been received at the Delphos postoffice [sic] and will be placed on sale to-morrow.
1904   Our Young People 12 907   Great Britain is now issuing 1 penny stamps in booklets similar to those issued by the United States.
1956   Boys' Life Dec. 75/3   At the top is a quarter-inch tab through which the pane is stapled to the booklet.
1996   Independent (Nexis) 8 May (Your Money section) 12   Buy a stock of the special first and second class stamp booklets before the prices go up.
2012   Stamp Mag. Nov. 116/3 (advt.)    Included are Booklets, Booklet Panes, First Day Covers, and a wide range of Definitives and Commemorative stamps in unmounted and fine condition.


pamphlet, n.

Forms:  lME pamfilet, lME pampelet, lME pamphilett, lME pamplett... (Show More)
Frequency (in current use): 
Origin: A borrowing from French. Etymon: French Pamphilet.

a. A short handwritten work or document of several pages fastened together; a handwritten poem, tract, or treatise. Obsolete.

a1415   T. Hoccleve Balade Duke of York in Minor Poems (1892) i. 49 (MED)   Go, little pamfilet, and streight thee dresse Vn-to the noble rootid gentillesse Of the myghty Prince.
a1450  (c1412)    T. Hoccleve De Regimine Principum (Harl. 4866) (1897) 2060 (MED)   Þogh þat þis pamfilet Non ordre holde..I can do no bet.
1490   Caxton tr. Eneydos Prol. 3   Sittyng in my studye where as laye many dyuerse paunflettis and bookys.
a1500  (?a1410)    Lydgate Churl & Bird (Lansd.) 35 in Minor Poems (1934) ii. 469 (MED)   I cast..Out of Frenssh a tale to translate Which in a paunflet I radde.
1532  (c1385)    Usk's Test. Loue in Wks. G. Chaucer iii. f. ccclxv euery maner reder ful vnderstandyng in this leude pamflet to haue.

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b. A short printed work of several pages fastened together without a hard cover; a booklet; a leaflet.Formerly frequently used of short printed literary works (usually unbound) having fewer pages than would constitute a book; now more commonly used of factual or informative documents, esp. of a relatively ephemeral nature, issued as a single work. In the 17th cent. used variously of issues of plays, romances, chapbooks, etc., and also of newspapers and newsletters.

1496   Treat. Fysshynge wyth Angle in Bk. St. Albans (rev. ed.) sig. iivv   That this present treatyse sholde not come to the hondys of eche ydle persone whyche wolde desire it yf it were enpryntyd allone by itself and put in a lytyll plaunflet therfore I haue compylyd it in a greter volume of dyuerse bokys.
1548   Hall's Vnion: Edward V f. ij   As I my selfe that wrote this pamphlet [sc. the Chronicle of Edw. V] truly knewe.
1577   R. Willes Eden's Decades Epist. 7   R. Eden..translated..some other prety pamflettes concernyng the Spanyardes and Portugalles voiages.
1582   R. Stanyhurst tr. Virgil First Foure Bookes Æneis Ded. sig. Aijv his goulden pamphlet, intituled thee Schoolemayster.
1623   W. Gouge Serm. Extent God's Provid. Ded.   In regard of the smalnesse of it, it [sc. this Sermon] is indeed but as a little Pamphlet.
1681   N. Luttrell Diary in Brief Hist. Relation State Affairs (1857) I. 119   The publisher of the Observator, Heraclitus Ridens, and the Loyall Protestant domestick Intelligence (three pamphlets that come out weekly).
1760   G. Colman Polly Honeycombe p. viii   Black fans, black gloves..were scattered carelesly about the table, together with three or four books, half-bound, and a bulky pamphlet.
1791   J. Boswell Life Johnson anno 1778 II. 243   Johnson: A few sheets of poetry unbound are a pamphlet, as much as a few sheets of prose.
1809   T. Jefferson Let. 21 Sept. in Writings (1984) 1213   I learn, with pleasure, your acquisition of the pamphlet on the astronomy of the antient Mexicans.
1861   C. Darwin Origin of Species (ed. 3) Hist. Sketch p. xviii   Dr. Schaaffhausen published an excellent which he maintains the progressive development of organic forms on the earth.
1917   E. Wharton Summer i. 18   Haven't you any kind of a history of the place? I think there was one written about 1840: a book or pamphlet about its first settlement.
1992   Globe & Mail (Toronto) 2 May f7/4   Write to the tourist boards... India sends a stack of colour pamphlets and maps.

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2.spec. A work of a polemical or political nature issued in this form.

1588   G. D. Briefe Discouerie Dr. Allens Seditious Drifts 88 (margin)    Certeine ouersights in policie escaped this great politicien in this Pamphlet, which is mere politike.
1641   Milton Reason Church-govt. 4   These wretched projectors of ours that bescraull their Pamflets every day with new formes of government for our Church.
1683   J. Crowne City Politiques iv. 41   As Paper, in Holland, passes for Money, Pamphlets with us pass for Religion and Policy.
1714   Swift Some Free Thoughts upon Present State Affairs (1741) 4   Systems, that..are Supplies for Pamphlets in the present Age, and may probably furnish Materials for Memoirs and Histories in the next.
1763   A. Murphy Citizen i. ii. 13   Himself seated at a three-legg'd table, writing a pamphlet against the German war.
1824   J. Johnson Typographia II. xiv. 490   When pamphlets and other works of temporary and urgent nature are required.
1890   T. F. Tout in F. Y. Powell et al. Hist. Eng. III. 111   Addison wrote his way with his Whig pamphlets to a secretaryship of state.
1952   S. Kauffmann Philanderer v. 89   [He] was out walking picket lines and writing pamphlets for equal rights for women.
1996   T. N. Murari Steps from Paradise 464   He took to writing pamphlets against the Britishers.

brochure, n.

Frequency (in current use): 
Etymology: French; lit. ‘a stitched work’, < brocher to stitch: see -ure suffix1.

  A short printed work, of a few leaves merely stitched together; a pamphlet. Also, spec. a small pamphlet or booklet describing the amenities of a place, etc.

1765   Ld. Chesterfield Let. 22 Apr. (1932) (modernized text) VI. 2651   Monsieur du Vergy published, in a brochure, a parcel of letters.
1840   Times 28 Apr.   His present brochure is interesting from the subject of which it treats.
1865   Q. Rev. Apr. 345   His series of editions was accompanied by a bye-play of brochures, grammatical or critical, written in the intervals of press-labour.
1882   Church Q. Rev. Oct. 40   The famous brochure of Dr. Drake called The Memorial of the Church of England.
1925   Brit. Hotels (E. J. Burrow & Co.) 136/2   Torquay, Allerdale Hotel. Situated in own spacious grounds... Write for illustrated brochure (inclusive terms).
1935   Punch 10 July 36/2   Innumerable hotels in England offer to send me an ‘Illustrated Brochure on request’.
1963   V. Nabokov Gift v. 316   The sun's impact restores the deficiency..and the brazen body no longer experiences shame. All this sounds like a nudist brochure.



leaflet, n.

Origin: Formed within English, by derivation. Etymons: leaf n.1, -let suffix.
Etymology: < leaf n.1 + -let suffix.... (Show More)
 1. Botany.

 a. Each of the divisions (small leaves) of a compound leaf; = foliole n. 1.

1777   W. Curtis Flora Londinensis I. at Valeriana Officinalis   Leaves..the terminating Leaflet three lobed.
1811   A. T. Thomson London Dispensatory ii. 396   The leaves are..pinnate, with a terminal leaflet a little larger than the rest.
1872   D. Oliver Lessons Elem. Bot. (new ed.) i. vii. 76   Compound leaves..having the blade divided into leaflets.
1929   W. Martin N.Z. Nature Bk. (1930) II. iv. 44   Pig-fern and Lace-fern are local names given to a dwarf species (Paesia scaberula), with finely divided leaflets.
1974   S. Clapham Greenhouse Bk. xiv. 131   Grape somewhat similar to Cissus antartica , to which it is related, except that the dark green leaves are composed of three leaflets.
2006   Northern Woodlands Autumn 15/2   Each leaf is connected to the twig—as opposed to the leaflets on a leaf, which are attached to the leafstalk.

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 b. Each of the segments of a calyx; = sepal n. 1. rare.

1785   T. Martyn in tr. J.-J. Rousseau Lett. Elements Bot. xxiii. 327   Arabis has four glands, within the leaflets of the calyx.
1787   E. Darwin et al. tr. Linnaeus Families of Plants I. 153   Perianth five-leaved: the leaflets lanced [L. foliolis lanceolatis], equal, permanent.
1806   B. M'Mahon Amer. Gardener's Cal. 147   Calycine leaflets.
1950   Ann. Missouri Bot. Garden 37 211   Characters such as absolute calyx size, number and width of leaflets, presence or absence of pedicellar portion of calyx, etc., little constancy or correlation.

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 a. gen. A small or young leaf.

1793   W. Kendall Poems 87   Weep, deserted poppies, weep! Fays no more in filmy trance Round your slumbering leaflets dance.
1798   W. Sotheby tr. C. M. Wieland Oberon x. 337   From off the woodland glade No not a leaflet [Ger. blat] falls a wretch to aid!
1839   A. Ure Dict. Arts 344   It has a cup-shaped calyx..The leaflets are united at their base, of a heart shape and toothed; stigmas three to five.
1854   ‘M. Harland’ Alone xxviii   The willow leaflets were just putting out.
1923   A. de Wit Island-India 19   She spread it all around her and with deft finger-tips hung among the long black tresses small flowers and leaflets and softly clinging rose petals.
1998   B. Telban Dancing through Time vii. 201   Pads made of the tender young leaflets of the sago palm.

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b. poetic. A petal. Obsolete. rare.

1855   T. T. Lynch Rivulet xliv. 42   When Their [sc. blossoms'] colour fades, their leaflets dry.

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 a. Zoology. A thin, flat, leaflike structure; esp. a gill filament in a fish or aquatic invertebrate (cf. gill leaf n. at gill n.1 Compounds 3).

1826   W. Kirby & W. Spence Introd. Entomol. III. 392   Foliola (the Leaflets). Rigid, exarticulate, dilated, leaf-like anal organs.
1835–6   Todd's Cycl. Anat. & Physiol. I. 695/1   Respiration is effected by means of four branchial leaflets..arranged on either side of the body.
1849   Lancet 11 Aug. 142/1   In the above illustration one of these leaflets [of the branchial lamellæ] has been given.
1906   Amer. Naturalist 40 173   The first one, the Acmæidæ, comprises those limpets which retain the primitive gill (ctenidium) with or without a cordon of branchial leaflets.
1982   R. F. Chapman in Adv. Insect Physiol. 16 308   In the calypterate flies the ovipositor comprises the terminal abdominal segments plus a pair of anal, or lateral, leaflets.
2000   C. Little Biol. Soft Shores & Estuaries v. 103   The gill filaments are reduced to small triangular leaflets on the left side of the mantle cavity.

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 b. Anatomy and Zoology. Any of the thin membranous structures forming part of a valve in the heart or a vein; a cusp (cusp n. 6b).

1873   Philadelphia Med. Times 25 Oct. 49/2   A process of inflammation of a low grade will be established, which leads to thickening and softening, and subsequently to contraction and stiffening, of the leaflets of the valve.
1936   G. R. Herrmann Synopsis Dis. Heart & Arteries xvii. 254   The degrees to which valvular lesions develop depend upon..the trauma to which these inflamed leaflets are subjected.
1961   R. D. Baker Essent. Pathol. xiv. 333   Uncomplicated insufficiency occurs when the valve leaflets are held against the wall of the heart or of the great vessels or when the ring of the valve is dilated.
2013   Developmental Biol. 373 340/1   Venous valve leaflets are comprised of two endothelial layers which are separated by a layer of extracellular matrix.

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a. literary leaflet: a short biographical article or memoir forming part of a periodical publication. Obsolete.

1852   New Monthly Mag. Oct. 142 (heading)    Literary Leaflets.
1853   New Monthly Mag. Aug. 374   Were I designing a Literaturblatt for some transcendental Deutsch journal..instead of a ‘literary leaflet’ for the New Monthly, I might plume myself in complacent anticipation on [sic] a host of readers.
1867   Publisher's Circular 15 Feb. 93   Miss reprinting, for private circulation among her own friends.., her Memoirs of the late Lord Canning and the late Lord Elgin, from Once a Week and the Daily News respectively. The little work is to be called A British Friendship... It is understood that this is Miss Martineau's last ‘literary leaflet’.

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 b. A single sheet of paper, folded or unfolded, containing printed matter, such as advertising or public or political information, and typically distributed free in public places or door-to-door. Also: several sheets of paper folded into a small booklet, but not typically fastened together (cf. booklet n. 1, pamphlet n. 1b).

1860   Daily News 4 June 3/5   Some of the children..had in their possession leaflets with pictures and prayers in the French language upon them.
1867   R. Broughton Cometh up as Flower I. xv. 220   Leaflets (as Spurgeon and Co. have christened very young tracts).
1886   Q. Rev. Jan. 12   A generous gift of Liberation leaflets for home use and distribution among the neighbours.
1912   Talking Machine News & Jrnl. Amusements Nov. 529/1   The Petmecky Needle, which plays ten times, is the subject of an interesting little leaflet.
1922   Libr. Jrnl. 1 Sept. 695 (advt.)    Useful in Americanization work and in schools. An 8-page leaflet, envelope-insert size.
1977   ‘E. McBain’ Long Time no See viii. 123   A hawker for one of the rubdown emporiums handed her a leaflet.
2014   London Evening Standard 14 Aug. 14/1   This week radicals distributed pro-Caliphate leaflets on Oxford Street.


Possibly the term you're looking for is 'test paper'. 

I have a test paper for the exam. It contains a few pages. 

~ ~ ~ Example sentences below are from >

The Entrance Test Paper will have 175 Objective Type Questions with Multiple Choice Answers. 

In exams, test papers are university entrance questions.


~ ~ ~ Definitions are from >

test paper

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test paper

1. Education
  • the question sheet of a test
  • the paper completed by a test candidate
2. Chemistry
  • paper impregnated with an indicator for use in chemical tests

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