Which of the following italicized words is correctly capitalized?

1.Mount mckinleyis the talles moountain in North America.
2.The most beautiful Stateis Hawaii.
3.Marsha speaks excellent german.
4.Jim must drice to the Northto study the northern lights.
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Only # 4 is capitalized correctly.

In # 1, the entire proper name needs initial capital letters: Mount McKinley.

In # 2, the word "state" does not need a capital. Only if it is used as part of a name, perhaps an official name, is it capitalized: the State of Hawaii.

In # 3, "German" needs a capital letter. Nationalities and languages are capitalized.

In # 4, "North" has a capital letter because it refers to a region, and is used as a noun. Used as an adverb – he drove north, or in the adjective form – northern lights – there is no capitalization.


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