When reference is being made to departments in companies, is it more correct to capitalize the noun "department" and the specific area?

For example,

"Many changes have taken place in the Accounting Department. On the other hand, the Sales Department hasn´t been affected at all by the latest developments".

Thank you.

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According to The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage*, neither the word "department" nor its modirier (s) should not be capitalized:

"Do not capitalize the names of academic or commercial departments: physics department; English department; customer service department."

The same is true according to The Chicago Manual of Style**:

"Full titles of institutions and companies and their departments and divisions are capitalized....otherwise, such generic terms as school, company, and press are lowercased when used alone:

the University of Chicago, the Law School; the Department of History; the university; the history department."

*The New York Times Manual of Style and Usage by Allan M. Siegal and William G. Connolly. Random House. 1999'
**The Chicago Manual of Style, 14th Edition. University of Chicago Press. 1993
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