Which is correct? I could get the toilet clean / cleaned. Thanks.

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Hi, bear_bear,

Welcome to the new platform. It's nice to see you again. We're trying to get certain issues ironed out, one of them being members' inability to use the search function and look back at their posting history.

Your question here illustrates how important it is for all members, not just me, to have that ability. You actually asked this question last week, on the other (good ol') platform. Here is a link to the answer I gave you:


bearbear posted:

Thanks, but where can I find my previous threads? I couldn't find them. 


Please help me, thanks. 

Hi, bear_bear: You should be able to access your previous threads by following these steps:

1. Click on your display name.

2. Click on your name in blue. This takes you to your profile.

3. Click on Activity. This will give you all your posts.

If you have any trouble, please let me know. We are in the process of making some improvements to the new platform. Thanks.

Thanks for telling me my thread before. Btw, It's not very convenient to look back the previous threads. 

Could you please try to "squeeze" all the previous threads in "personal activities stream" ? Just as like the old version that we can find the threads page by page.


Thanks. it's my point of view. Hopefully it'll be useful in future. 

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