My city is very cold in winter. If I leave drinks outside my door for ten minutes, they'll get very cold. You don't even need a refrigerator to make them cold. I am going to make up three similar sentences about that.

(1)  The drinks are very cold like they have been refrigerated. 

(2) The drinks are as cold as if they have been refrigerated.

(3) The drinks are as cold as when they have been refrigerated.

I am not sure how to say this in the correct way. Please help me. Thank you very much for your help.

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This brings back memories of winter at Kent State University when I was seventeen.  Those of us that lived on the upper floors of the dormitories and didn't have refrigerators would set our beers on the outside windowsills to keep them cold.  The problem was that some students were very adept at knocking the beers off the sills with snowballs, so I always kept mine on a tether.

None of your sentences is incorrect, but I prefer

4: The drinks are as cold as if they had been refrigerated.


PS: Where's your city?

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