"Computers have brought revolutionary changes to our life." (NEW TOEIC, Ivy)

Is the use of "our life" correct here? What about "our lives"? I think "our lives" fits better here. What's the difference between them? Thanks!

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Gustavo, Contributor posted:

I'd reserve "our life" for a group or community whose members are so closely bonded together that the singular "life" might sound more appropriate to refer to their existence as a whole.

Hi, Gustavo,

I am deeply interested in this topic so kindly see my question in that light only.

Would you please refer me to some book/source that provides a similar explanation as provided by you?



Sorry, Ahmad, but it's just common sense. I'm referring to cases like the life of mankind, the life of a family, the life of a married couple, where the existence of the group as a whole justifies the use of singular "life." Instead, in the case at issue, I think computer users don't have so much in common as to say that computers have brought revolutionary changes to their life: in this case, the idea is that computers have changed their individual lives, no matter who they are, what they do, where they live, etc.

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