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Thank you, Gustavo.

Then to own implies eternity while to borrow carries a shade of instanceness.  In other words, ownership is solid gold whereas borrowers always stand on the brink of a steep cliff.

But I reckon confidence is like self-esteem and it would be something you build in your mind.

Say you are a high school student and a member of the tennis club.  You and your friend Tom are competing each other.  But Tom always goes a bit before you and you can not beat him.

In that context, which do you say?

1. "Even if I cannot beat him, I've always done my best so that I have confidence in myself."

2. " I know that I am an under-dog but I guess I have endeavoured so much.  I think I would deserve to own confidence."

3. "I admit to my failures in borrowing confidence.  But tomorrow is another day and  I'm sure there'd be a thick chance that I win the ownership of confidence."


I know all of the above sentences are unlikely.

But I'd like to know how you English-speaking people think about 'confidence'.

Thanks in advance. 

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