As I know, contribution goes with preposition to or toward. But this sentence below came into my sight;

It will make important contributions for a positive outcome for young people.

Is it okay?


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No, it is not. "Contribution to" and "contribution toward," as you note, are the usual word combinations when stating where and for whose benefits the contributions go.

However, "contribution for" does exist. Look at these examples from Google:

"¢ ... 2003 Tax Guide. Maximum Deductible IRA Contribution for Pension Plan Participants.
"¢ ... Iraq: Commission releases first EU contribution for reconstruction in
"¢ How to Value Your Contribution for Tax Purposes
"¢ NYS GOER - DCAA Employer Contribution for 2003
"¢ The Dependent Care Advantage Account Employer Contribution for 2003.
"¢ DPA - Benefits - 2003 Employer Contribution for Health, Dental, & ...
"¢ 2003 Employer Contribution for Health, Dental, & Vision Benefits. The following charts show the amount ...
"¢ EFC - Expected Family Contribution for College Tuition Calculator

In these examples, "contribution for" does not indicate the beneficiary of the contribution; it refers to a classification of purposes of the contribution (tax purposes), or a time period (2003).


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