Hi there, do I need to use any in questions and negative sentences when using plural nouns? Is it necessary to use any in the following sentences? I have found a site Do you have children? vs. Do you have ANY children? Is there a difference? | Ask The Editor | Learner's Dictionary that says It is not necessary. If I omit any will that be grammatical? 

Here are some examples:

  1. Hey John, do you have any books?
  2. Last month, I visited a rain forest. I did not see any animals there.

To me It seems that any is not mandatory in questions and negative sentences when using plural nouns. Can anyone please explain?

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Subhajit, MW editor's answer is quite clear as to the emphasis that "any" adds.

In the case of books, without "any" the question may be interpreted as asking whether a store sells books or, instead, any other articles except books:

A: Do you have books?
B: No, we only have magazines. Go to the bookstore next door.

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