Hi everyone! I'm trying to write an essay in English, but as this is not my first language, I need some help! 

I was wondering whether I could say 'a successive manifold of shapes'. The context is that there is a thing, that can take various shapes, but does so in a set order. So first it will have shape A, then shape B, then shape C, etc. 

The sentence I'd like to use is this: 'To this end he has designed a system, in which ‘the consciousness’ manifests itself in a successive manifold of shapes.'


But idk, it just sounds weird. Can someone tell me whether this makes any sense? 

Thanks a lot! 

Regards, Wapper.



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Hello, Wapper, and welcome to the Grammar Exchange.

As you may have guessed from our silence, your sentence does not in fact make any sense. I've only seen "manifold" used in technical texts. How about saying something like "a succession of shapes"?

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