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Would you say that the following phrases are not interchangeable in any of their contexts:

don't you know
don't you know it

don't you know - 1. I thought you knew: 'We're supposed to either sign these contracts or rewrite them. Which is it?' 'Don't you know?'
2. (also: you know) is used as a rhetorical question: My wife is such a nervous woman, don't you know.

don't you know it - you can be absolutely sure about that; you're exactly right: 'Man, is it hot!' 'Don't you know it!'

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The phrases are as you've defined them and not interchangeable.

"Don't you know" is used with the regular meaning of a negative question, as in your first example.

"Don't you know" is also used as a filler, as in your second example, to get the listener to show that s/he is listening. It is the same as "you know," although it is used far less frequently. It is sometimes written in dialogues as "dontcha know"? You can find many, many examples of "dontcha know?" on Google.

"Don't you know it" as you describe is less familiar to me. The phrase I would use instead is "You know it!"



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