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Is 'it' necessary in the following sentences and 'to' in the sentence 2?

1- Whether you like 'it' or not, I am going out tonight.

2- Whether he wants 'to' or not, he has to clean the room.

3- Whether you want 'it' or not, India will win the match.

4- Whether you want 'it' or not, I am your president.

5- Whether you believe 'it' or not, I am a spy.

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Hi, Subhajit,

"It" and "to" are necessary in those sentences. "It" is not a dummy but a cataphoric pronoun in sentences (1) and (5): in (1), it refers to the speaker's going out, and in (5), to the speaker's being a spy. To be dummy, "it" has to merely fulfill a grammatical function, while in the mentioned sentences "it" has a referent, so it is a full pronoun there.

Now, sentences (3) and (4) are not good sentences. You should use "like" instead of "want" in those sentences. For "want" to work, you need a tacit verb, as in (2):

2- Whether he wants to (clean the room) or not, he has to clean the room.

or a tacit noun:

6- Where you want it (my advice) or not, this is my advice.

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