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Oxford Online Dictionary defines equipment as:


mass noun

  • 1 The necessary items for a particular purpose.

‘suppliers of office equipment’


I believe there is no plural form of equipment. And my difficulty concerns the same.

1'. They used various equipment to deal with the problem.

Would the above sentence, or its grammatically correct version (here I am assuming to have missed something as I usually do) be enough to convey either of the following ideas or both?

A. They used more than one equipment of the same type/kind.

B. They used more than one equipment.





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I prefer these:

Aa: They used several different pieces of equipment, all of which were essentially of the same kind.

Ba: They used several kinds of equipment.

over your examples (A) and (B).  But there is nothing wrong with the earlier example (1').


terry posted:

So, is it incorrect to use “more than one equipment” in examples A and B because equipment is a mass noun?

Yes, it is incorrect for the reason you mentioned. If you want to use the word "equipment" to refer to different devices or appliances, then you need to say "pieces of equipment" or "items of equipment."

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