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Hi, Gilberto,

Gilberto posted:

the word ever it's tricky for me

could you explain to me the meaning of the sentence bellow:

It’s my favorite series ever

According to the BBC link below, we sometimes use ever to give emotive emphasis to what we are saying as an indication that we feel very strongly about it. Thus, in speech, ever receives strong word stress.

Your sentence means: It is the best series of all time. 

To be honest I find "ever" a little weird with "favourite", but although I might not use that combination myself, some people certainly do.

You will see/hear "ever" used a lot with superlatives, especially "best" and worst":

That was the best night ever.

That was my worst presentation ever.

As Ahmed says, "ever" gets strong word stress in these kinds of sentences. You can also move "ever" to be directly after the superlative ("fastest ever time", for example) in which case we don't stress "ever" quite as much.

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