I'd like to ask about how to express the reason of bad condition.

1) I'm sick with a fracture.
2) I'm sick with a cold.
3) I'm in bad condition with a stomachache.

Would you give me some better expressions?
Thank you.
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Your second sentence – I'm sick with a cold – is very native. Here are some other expressions.

1) I'm in terrible pain from a fracture.
2) I have a bad cold.
3) I'm sick with a bad stomach ache.

Dear readers, any other suggestions?

Most people I know just say "I broke my wrist/ankle/leg/shoulder/arm, etc." It's also very common to say "I have a broken (X)."

For the flu we say "I have the flu" or "I'm sick "” with the flu."

For a severe stomach ache we often say "My stomach's hurting" or "I have stomach pains."

These are things that you say to a family member or a friend. If you are talking to the doctor you say things differently.

Good heath to everyone!


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