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Hi, Tony,

Both "fee guide" and "fees guide" seem to be correct, but we usually prefer the singular for nouns in attributive position, so I'd go with "fee guide."

Notice how you should use the singular in a similar phrase and the plural when the noun appears in a nominal, non-adjectival position:

@Tony C posted:

1. I am creating a price list for different services types that we offer and the corresponding prices.

I mean that, when a noun like "prices" functions as a noun, not as an adjective, the "-s" should not be dropped (see the last sentence below):

- I am creating a price list. OK (here "price" modifies the noun "list," so it is adjectival and does not take an "-s")
- ... for different services types ... NOT OK (similarly to the sentence above, you should say "service types")
- ... and the corresponding price. NOT OK (you should say "and the corresponding prices," because the different services you render have different prices. Here "prices" has plural meaning and functions as a noun, so there is no reason to drop the "-s.")

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