Dear teachers,

I am always confused about how to use the verb "feel''. Sometimes when it is used with the present continuous is considered wrong; sometimes it is correct.

For example in the sentence:

How do you feel/ are you feeling now? Better than before?

I think the present continuous is better?

Am I right? Please explain to me. Thanks a lot.


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When used to describe awareness of comfort or wellness (or lack thereof) or of some emotion, both the simple present or past and the present or past continuous work.  All of these examples are good:

1a: I feel unusually happy today.
1b: I'm feeling unusually happy today.
2a: She didn't go to class yesterday because she felt sick.
2b: She didn't go to class yesterday because she was feeling sick.

When used to describe how something appears to the tactile sense, we generally want the simple present or past:

3a: These blankets feel damp.

but not:

3b: *These blankets are feeling damp.


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