Both "in/at" are correct, IMO, however I'd use the simpler:

That was my first cooking experience.
This is my first cooking experience.

BTW, in published books:

5 on "my first experience cooking".

17 on "my first experience in cooking"

3 on "my first experience at cooking"

>That;s my experience cooking.

I'm assuming you mean "That's."

No. I'd say:

And that was my experience cooking a huge meal for two families.
1) That's my first experience in / at cooking.

2) That's my experience cooking.

These sentences are correct. You can use either ' first experience in...' or 'my first experience at...' as in you first sentence.

You can also omit the preposition entirely, as in the second sentence.

You could also begin the sentence with this is or it's, instead of 'that.'

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