Could you kindly explain semantic difference between the two sentences?

1) Virginia Dare was the English baby who was first born in America.
2) Virginia Dare was the first English baby born in America.

Any similar instances would be most welcome! Thanks!!!
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Well, in the first example, it's suggested that first of all Virginia Dare was born in America, and then later she was born somewhere else. She's probably famous for this unusual feat, thus 'the' English baby.
The second example is clear.
I agree with Tessa, and her good-humored response makes me smile. Yes, sentence 1) would make Miss Dare a born-again person.

There is another way, too, to state this:

Virginia Dare was the first-born English baby in America.

Personally, though, I prefer Moon's second sentence, which is simple, clear, and straightforward. In the second sentence, 'first' modifies 'baby,' which is logical and correct. But in the first sentence, 'first' modifies 'born,' which is illogical.

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