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The trousers you bought for me ( don't fit - aren't fit)

Though fit is an adj but when I looked it up in some dictionaries, l found it is not used for size but it has other meanings like healthy, suitable to do something, so I think in the previous sentence we must choose ( don't ) only. What do you think?


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Hi, Ahmed towab,

"fit" is also a verb, meaning "be the right size (for sb)," so the correct option is:

- The trousers you bought (for) me don't fit (me).

The adjective "fit" would be possible if there were a for-phrase or a to-infinitive:

- The trousers you bought (for) me aren't fit for me.
- The trousers you bought (for) me aren't fit for a party.
- The trousers you bought (for) me aren't fit to go to work.

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