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Regarding the speaking skill, I wonder how can one speak English fluently and accurately. Please give your pieces of advice in points, if possible.
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Hi, Izzy. I see no one has tried answering this question. I think it would need a book to answer you well.

Are you asking for yourself or your students? And are you asking about in the classroom, or someone working on their own to improve their speaking skills? Different answers there, too, my friend.

I'm answering more from my personal experience of having studied a number of languages over the years, but only ever being able to speak one (Spanish) fluently.

First of all, I think it's too much for most people to develop fluency (speed) and accuracy (correctness) at the same time. Probably better to aim for fluency first.

Next, I really believe that the learner's attitude is all important. (I know it is much of the reason why I have not mastered Arabic.)

The learner must
- not be shy
- be willing (or at least not embarrassed) to make mistakes
- want to learn the language

Generally, as language learners get older, they get shyer about speaking and making mistakes. I've seen that in myself a lot.

The learner should get feedback, but what kind? Again, a whole book could be filled to answer that. The answer probably depends on the learner. Too much feedback, especially if it's negative, will make the person clam up.

This isn't much of an answer, I know, but it's a start.

Good luck!

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