Emad Ragheb posted:

Liverpool 's players are known to be skilled. They (are going to win / will win) the match easily.

What is the right answer here? 

Hello, Emad,

Both answers are correct:

  • Liverpool's players are known to be skilled. They are going to win the match easily.
  • Liverpool's players are known to be skilled. They will win the match easily.
Mr President posted:

@David, Moderator 
Could you please give more explanation and more examples when both are correct?

Yes, I realize that you guys are looking for a detailed explanation, and I have decided to turn this into a research project. Please give me about a week, and I will try to clear up the mystery of will versus be going to to the best of my ability.

As a native speaker, I never (or almost never) have to think about it. As a grammar-forum moderator, though, I encounter the question regularly, and I very often disagree with Egyptian "model answers" in this department!

The distinction between will and be going to is real and important; however, it is very subtle in many cases, and choosing "incorrectly" almost never leads to ungrammaticality or incomprehensibility. Usage simply becomes unidiomatic.

Again, give me about a week and I'll make an extra special post for you guys.

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