Gone , gone to , been or been to

Please , Choose one of the four choices to complete the sentence and tell me why . 


I will take my children to places they have never ...................... .


1) gone       2) gone to      3) been      4) been to

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I like (4) best, but I find all four acceptable.

Why?  It's my sense as an educated native speaker of English.  It sounds right.  I wish I had a better answer, and I hope my colleagues can provide one.

By the way, you never told me what your native language is, or where you are from.  Of course, that's none of my business unless you choose to make it so.  It's just that, sometimes, such information can actually help us understand your problems with English.


Thanks for your help . You still didn't give me an answer about this question " I hope you tell me if it's bothering that I ask you directly instead of just posting . "

Please tell me .

As for your question about my native language and my country , I' m Egyptian .

I speak arabic . I have studied English for some time till it became a hobby .

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