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Is it okay if I say " I will help you cleaning the hall" ?

Hello, Ramadan, 

I'd think No. According to Cambridge Dictionary,

We don’t use help with an -ing form:

I am trying to help him look for a new bike.

Not: I am trying to help him looking …

Help can be followed by an infinitive without to or a to-infinitive.

  • I'll help you clean the hall.
  • I'll help you to clean the hall.

Oxford Dictionary says that the "to" is often left out, especially in informal or spoken English. 


Here's some alternatives to use the -ing form:

  • I'll help you in cleaning the hall.
  • I'll help you with cleaning the hall.
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Hi, Ramadan Mohammed, and welcome to our forum.

Hussein's answer is very good.

Another preposition you can use with the gerund is "by," but the meaning will be different:

  • I'll help you by cleaning the hall.

Unlike the other sentences Hussein provided, this does not mean that "I" and "you" will clean the hall together. Instead, "you" will clean the hall by him/herself and will thus help "I," who will be devoted to some other task.

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