Hello~ I'm a Korean student who has been studying English for about 9 months.

There are some questions. If I wanna get 1,300 dollars in a bank 

Can I say 'Can I take out 1,300 dollars?  Can I get 1,300 dollars? or Can I withdraw 1,300 dollars?'

Which one is more common used?

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Welcome to the Grammar Exchange.

I've taken the liberty of editing the subject title for the thread.  Since this is a grammar forum, naming the subject "Grammar" isn't helpful.

When I need to make a withdrawal at my bank, I usually just say "Good afternoon" and hand the teller a filled-out withdrawal slip.  If I don't have time to fill out a slip, I'll say something like

a: I'd like to withdraw $1300 from savings.


b: I need to withdraw $1300 from checking.

It is possible to substitute "get" or "take out" for "withdraw".

If the money is in my account, I don't need to ask permission to withdraw it.  It's my money.

I'd like to offer two more corrections, if I may:

"Wanna" is too informal for a serious grammar discussion.  It should be "want to".

"Common" is an adjective.  It should be the adverb "commonly".

I hope this is helpful.



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