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Hello, GREG3NI, and welcome to the Grammar Exchange.

@GREG3NI posted:

1. Once received, we will process your application?

2. Once we have received, we will process ...

3. Once it is received, we will...

(1) contains what we call a dangling participle, because "received" does not refer to the subject "we" but to the object "your application." It can be revised as follows:

1a. Once received, your application will be processed.

(2) is not grammatical because the verb "receive" is transitive and requires an object:

2a. Once we have received it, we will process your application.

It would be advisable, as in (3a) below, to mention the referent first and the pronoun later:

2b. Once we have received your application, we will process it.

(3) could be improved by mentioning the referent first and the pronoun later:

3a. Once your application is received, we will process it.

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Thanks so much for taking the time Gustavo!  One more quick question if I may.

For the "once received" part of the sentence, why "received" is in past tense form? Is it because it is sort of like a hypothetical? In other words, is it grammatical? or it is sort of like an adjective? Or could I write it as "once receive, your application will be processed"?

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