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Dear Grammar Exchange members,

May the new year bring happiness, health, and prosperity to all of you!

I am looking forward to another year on the Grammar Exchange. Every year, I invariably encounter a handful of questions that challenge and enlighten me as I try to answer them, or see the answers posted by others, especially the answers of my expert Co-Moderator, Gustavo.

Please know that everybody's questions are valued, whether we have seen the same type of question countless times before or never before; whether the question has come from a member who has just joined the forum or from a member who has been here for over a decade.

Replies from members are also valued. You do not need to be a moderator or official contributor to reply! While Gustavo and I may occasionally step in to correct misimpressions in special cases, we still encourage you to respond to each other if you believe you have something substantive to say.

I'd like to extend a special thank-you to our longtime member Ahmed_btm, who regularly responds to other members in a knowledgeable way. I'd also like to welcome TheParser, a grammatically very wise native speaker who I believe may not be as new to the Grammar Exchange as he appears to be!

Last but not least, may the new year bring an end to COVID-19.


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I join David in wishing you all a prosperous 2022 as well as in looking forward to another year of grammar challenges.

Belonging to this forum has allowed me to learn a lot, and I cannot but thank David for his ongoing trust and support throughout these years. I hope I can continue to be up to the challenges our members submit us to.

Like David, I strongly encourage the participation of more members in giving their views so that this forum becomes a true exchange of ideas, as stated by its name. I seize the opportunity to publicly express my apologies if I ever curtailed such participation.

Grammar is the backbone of the language and, even if some teachers may be reluctant to admit it, it ends up being crucial for learning. Here, we are all contributing our small share to making that possible.

Happy New Year, and long live GE!

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