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Hi, Meriem,

@Meriem posted:

When should I use "Gerund" or "to infinitive" after Hate + object?


1. I would hate you to think that I don't appreciate your help.

2. What kind of things do you hate people saying to you?

Try to use the term "V-ing" instead of "gerund." Most of the times you referred to a V-ing form as a gerund on this forum, the V-ing was not a gerund but a present participle.

The sentences above (next time, please mention the source) are both correct. (I've numbered the sentences for ease of reference. Next time, please do it yourself. Thank you).

In sentence (1) "thinking" would not work because it means:

1a. I wouldn't like you to think that I don't appreciate your help. (A specific situation)

In sentence (2), you use "saying" to refer to a general situation: I hate it when people tell me these things.

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