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Tell us what are you going to give up 


Tell us what you are going to give up 

Hello, Paviaandres, and welcome to the Grammar Exchange!

You haven't asked a question, but I assume you mean to ask which of those two sentences is correct. With the punctuation as you have it, neither is correct, since neither ends with a period. If you added a period at the end of each sentence, then only the second sentence would be correct.

  • Tell us what you are going to give up.

"What you are going to give up" is an embedded question functioning as the object (one of the objects) of the verb "tell." We do not use subject-auxiliary inversion in embedded questions. To use inversion, you would need to change the punctuation further, so that "Tell us" introduces a root question:

  • Tell us: What are you going to give up?

P.S. I have edited the title of this thread. The original title was "Help."

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