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Hi, Joshua,

"Hereto" and "herewith" are called "suffixed prepositions," that is, prepositions that are added to the adverb "here" (we can also find combinations with "there").

We have to choose the preposition that corresponds to the verb, or participle, being used. We attach things to documents, so we say:

- Attached hereto (e.g. to this email) you can find a copy of the decree.

With the verb enclose, we can use the prepositions in or with, so we can say:

- Enclosed herein (e.g. in this envelope) you will find the documents requested.
- Enclosed herewith (e.g. with this document, i.e. accompanying this document) you will find the items requested.

"Enclosed hereto" is incorrect because you don't enclose things TO other things. And notice that "enclosed herein" will be used when something is contained somewhere (e.g. a letter inside an envelope, articles within a box, etc.)

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