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a how-to please


My best guess is '[G], "?!," yo—[S]tion can—[F] the sen—[P]hasis.

[S]tateme—[R]k, "!?," t—'

Please let me know how I did! Thanks super-lots!

Oh! Also, if you might have a lead on how to search for rules on the Internet, I'd be so thankful! I really want to learn!


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  • a how-to please
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Respectfully, I don't know what isn't genuine about my question.

This is a question that there seems to be no answer for on the Internet. I realize it has more to do with punctuation than anything, and for that, I suppose it really isn't the right place to ask. With that in mind, I thought it'd be okay to ask because there were other people in the past who've asked about punctuation.

I run a grammar server on Discord, and I take it seriously. I'm more than open to give you an invite to show that I am being genuine. So, please take into consideration I'm not a provokateur or bait-artist.

I have a deep interest in punctuation (and I am fascinated by it). It and grammar aren't my strongest suits, but the quest continues….

May I ask what would make this question worth answering? Possibly that I had supplied some context for why the fragment exists to begin with, i.e., as in an essay?

I did receive some insight on Reddit, on which I posted the same question. The one response I received there said I should have context to properly punctuate it. I've kept that in mind, but I am terribly interested to know how to interpret it as-is, and to know what rules there are for interpreting such an incomplete piece.

And at least, if this question truly isn't worth the time, would you mind answering whether the answer is in a style guide? I am trying to get out of buying a subscription to CMoS or the like.

Thank you for your time a second time - and sorry for being this persistent….

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Thanks for explaining your perspective on your question, Curtis. I can see that you are genuine and do not perceive your question to be frivolous, so I now consider your question worth answering will devote a few moments to it.

In my opinion, the best way to punctuate fragmented data such as you have in your attachment is to display the image itself. Should that not be possible, I would use block-quote-style indentation and type exactly what you see. 

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