Hi, David. 

When I want to ask someone for help formally and politely (most often in this forum), I often use some structures as below:

- Would/Could you do something?

- Would you mind doing something?

- Would you be kind to do something?

When I want to express my gratitude to someone, I often use: 

- Thank you very much for your help/kindness/explanation

- I appreciate your help

- It's kind of you to help me.

- Many thanks to you.

But when I ask too many questions, it seems a little bit boring to repeat such structures again and again. Would you be kind to suggest more alternatives? 

And would you tell me whether I should say "Hi, David. Thank you a lot. ...bla bla bla" or "Hi, David. ..bla bla bla ...Thank you a lot" in my reply. 

Many thanks to you. 


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