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The following exercise is excerpted from 'The College Pandas SAT Writing Advanced Guide and Workbook for the New SAT'  book:


Choose the right option to replace the underline portion.

  • SAT scores are extremely important. They are only part of the application, however, grades and teacher recommendations are other factors that colleges take into account. 



b) application however grades

c) application. However, grades

d) application, However. Grades

The book model answer says (d) is the right option. I've never seen 'however' punctuated like that! What's your opinion? 


Another question: 

Is it supposed to be "... and teacher's recommendations..."?


Many thanks...


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Hi, Hussein Hassan,

The correct option is (d), but the capital in "However" is a typo:

They are only part of the application, however.

This "however" links the sentence with the one before, the idea being: SAT scores are extremely important, but they are only part of the application.

"teacher recommendations" is fine, because "teacher" is used generically. If the genitive case were used, this would be preferred: teachers' recommendations.

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