I have been giving questions and I am completely stuck. Can someone help.


I have to think of two similar items to the words below:


I've, Won't, He's, 
on, toward, with, 
 gone, stolen, seen, 
fast, hopefully, actually, 
must, should, may,


Then this is my next question.

  1. Correct the student error by writing the corrected sentence in the first box.
  2. In the second box explain, as simply as possible, why we use the corrected version


My bike stole last week. 
Please put your luggages over here. 
 My sister is more tall than Oliver. 
 I used to go and see my parents last weekend. 

I wish you stop playing the loud music.









How would you explain to a learner of English the difference in meaning between the following pairs of words?


1. Spain : Spanish


2. wise : intelligent


3. walk : stroll


4. see something through : see through something


5. then : than


I really need the help.







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Hello, David-James, and welcome to the Grammar Exchange.

Unfortunately, your presentation makes it impossible for us to decipher your question. Is there any way you could take out the needless computer formatting symbols and ask your question in such way that it can be understood?

Also, please refrain from posting a set of homework problems. GE is not a homework completion service. We discuss questions about English grammar here, and each thread is generally devoted to one grammatical topic.

We look forward to being able to assist you. Thanks for your cooperation.

David-James posted:

ok ive updated it.

I appreciate your effort, but it was not good enough. This is a site for discussing specific grammar questions. Each thread is devoted to one general topic. The title of the thread should reflect that topic, even if it is only a phrase from one of the examples. Never use completely generic titles like "grammar," "help," "I'm stuck." And never present a list of homework exercises for us to complete. The Grammar Exchange is not a homework completion service. If you wish to ask about more than one example in a given thread, that is OK. However, the examples must be related to each other at a topical level. Finally, do not insert vast gaps of space into your posts. Please edit the post further. Let common sense be your guide.

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