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Please read the following first.

  Culture has a strong influence on non-verbal expression. The simple act of looking someone in the eye, for example, is not actually straightforward, varying in meaning from culture to culture. In the USA, people are encouraged to look directly at others when speaking to them. It shows interest in what they are saying, and it is thought to convey honesty. However, in Japan and South Korea, people avoid long eye contact. It is considered more polite to look to the side during a conversation. The Lebanese, in contrast, stand close together and look firmly into each other’s eyes in order to show sincerity and give their counterparts a better sense of their desires.

  Given such differences in even the most common expressions, people traveling abroad and those in international business have a real need to learn about body language in other cultures.

About the phrase below in the sentences, is it grammatically correct?

#1  Given such differences in even the most common expressions

What about the following?

#2  Given such differences even in the most common expressions

Are both correct? Or is either of them wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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